Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions

We can provide you with a full range of technical services across a wide variety of disciplines.

This can include Windows / Linux / Web programming , networking / telecom planning and installations, mobile app creation & updates, and custom hardware / firmware designs.

Web Site Design. You have scant little time to catch the attention of a typical web user.  Your first impression is vitally important, as is the ease of use of the web pages themselves.  Let us help you in updating your web presence to better catch users' attention, and keep them on your site.  We utilize the latest in Content Management System technologies to make your web site easier to maintain, quicker to publish, and provide a consistent look-and-feel that allows customers easy access to your content. We can also provide related services for email, domain names and name servers.

VoIP Telephony. Are you still paying land line rates to the local phone company?  Is your business phone bill out of control? Are you a small business that wants that full featured phone system but were afraid of the cost?  Let us introduce you to a lower cost, more robust PBX offering based on the well-established  Open Source Asterisk product.  Rock solid technology with all the Big Company features like Interactive Voice Response (menus), custom voice mail, find me - follow me, and many, many more.  Add Voice over IP (VoIP) to the mix and now you can cut the phone company cord and lower your monthly phone bill.  You choice of flat rate calling or per-minute pricing.  Keep your existing phone numbers.  Increase your concurrent calling capacity without adding new numbers or hunt groups.  Run the PBX in-house, or in the cloud. We can help you navigate the maze of options, technologies and features.

IT Infrastructure. Is your IT infrastructure getting complex to manage? Are you stuck with older technology only because you can't decide what upgrade path to take? We can review your topology and make recommendations on how to improve your network's capacity, reliability and managability.

Microcontrollers and Interfaces. Perhaps you need to interconnect some sensors, monitor environmental conditions at a remote location or perform some other industrial process control. With the availability of network-aware controllers, there is no longer the need to string wires point-to-point. There are many networked options available, the question is which one to choose? Let us guide you to a cost-effective commercial off-the-shelf technology, or construct a custom controller/firmware solution where no COTS product exists.

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