who we are

We are a team of individuals backed with a wide array of corporate experience spanning technical positions up through senior management.  Because of our background with enterprise-class software manufacturers, we have had exposure to, and assisted a large cross section of Fortune 1000 companies in configuring and running mission-critical applications and systems on numerous different platforms utilizing many different technologies.

Individuals working on your project could come from either our staff or close associates with whom we have a trusted relationship depending on project timing or specific skill set.  Regardless of source, you are assured of single point of ownership and responsibility for the success of your project within Workshop 8 Technologies.

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our skills

  • Business process optimization
    We have many years experience reviewing, measuring and updating business processes for both large and small scale businesses.

    Business risk assessments.
    From business continuity and disaster recovery to key employee and intellectual property loss, we understand how to minimize these risks within budgetary constraints.

    Web site and mobile app design.
    Whether it's a new web site or mobile app, or an update to an existing one, we have team members who have built and deployed web sites using basic HTML, or current CMS-based web sites, and apps on the latest mobile platforms.

    IT and telephony infrastructure design.
    Because we have team members who understand these technologies down to the protocol and controller level, we can design systems to optimize the use of these resources without wasting budgets on excess capacity or functions.

    Project management.
    Our team have successfully managed and completed many business improvement and IT deployment projects for a wide variety of customers.